Biodiversity Conservation and Human Well-being are Deeply Intertwined

At HEAL, we recognise this vital connection. Our goal is to combat rampant exploitation of wildlife, empower locals to protect their environments and inform policy decisions that balance ecological needs with human development.

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We enhance community capacities for harmonious coexistence with wildlife and empower them to actively contribute to conservation

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Featured Projects

Elephant Conservation Program For promoting Human-Elephant Coexistence

Employing innovative solutions and community engagement to reduce human-elephant conflict in South Bengal

Fish – Fishing Cat – Fisherfolk: Visualising the Persistence of a Rich Socio-Ecological System

Linking conservation of fishing cats and their wetland habitats to the well-being of local communities

Zero Deaths from Snakebites: Reducing Persecution of Snakes in Sundarbans

Empowering communities with the knowledge to prevent and manage snakebites, mobilising their support for snake conservation

Averting an Ecological Disaster: Ending Illegal Makhana Cultivation in Bilkarul Beel

Joining forces with a wetland-dependent community to end its illegal exploitation and create stewards for its preservation

Wild animals were provided life-saving aid and released back to natural habitats in 2024, averting their conflict with humans

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HEAL leads the way in conservation advocacy and wildlife crime enforcement

We’ve ended one of the deadliest hunting festivals in eastern India, uncovered extensive poaching rackets of critically endangered Gangetic dolphins and migratory birds, and restored degraded wetlands. Our efforts have also secured state-wide protection for wetlands against industrial encroachment

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