NGO files complaint after hyena gets beaten to death by villagers in West Midnapore
04 July 2023

A hyena was allegedly beaten to death in a village in West Midnapore on Saturday: NGO
03 July 2023

Police chiefs of Jhargram and West Midnapore appear in HC in hunting case
15 May 2023

HC summons police heads for hunting ban ‘flout’
03 May 2023

Bengal police denies NGO claim of hunting ban flout
24 April 2023

Drones to monitor Paschim Medinipur forests to prevent hunting fest
04 April 2023

Arrests of dad & son blow lid off bird poaching racket in Murshidabad
27 February 2023

Hunting as heinous as murder, says Calcutta High Court
24 February 2023

Calcutta High Court constitutes ‘Humane Committee’ for animal protection in 5 districts
23 February 2023

The Ramsar Pledge
17 January 2023

Murshidabad man held for poaching migratory birds
29 October 2022

Migratory birds being illegally hunted by-poachers in Kandi of Nadia
29 October 2022

Malda youth detained for poaching of fishing cat
24 October 2022

Unsung guardians: the vital wetlands of Kolkata
23 September 2022

[Expert Speak] Dankuni’s vanishing wetlands of the people and for the people
13 September 2022

Calcutta High Court seeks report on steps to stop hunting in West Bengal
14 July 2022

Rare civet rescued from garage, set free in North Bengal
25 June 2022

The cat that is the soul of the wetlands
08 May 2022

Raid to rescue freshwater turtles, Malda, West Bengal
21 April 2022

Birds, animals protected under wildlife act killed in hunting fest
16 April 2022

Birds, animals killed in Paschim Medinipur hunting festival
06 April 2022

20 Birbhum tribals held for hunting in Murshidabad
26 January 2022

Bharatpur beel, a bird paradise, saved from makhana monster
07 November 2021

Environmental activist assaulted at East Calcutta Wetlands
27 October 2021

How illegal trade in bait oil is putting Ganges river dolphin at risk
25 August 2021

Some venomous snakes rescued in Howrah, one arrested
27 June 2021

Morning stopover at New Town store for monitor lizard
25 June 2021

Wildlife movement near settlements in West Bengal
05 June 2021

Saving the fishing cats
29 May 2021

HEAL works to curb hunting festivals in West Bengal
01 May 2021

Shikar Utsav – License to kill innocents?
23 April 2021

‘Iconic’ birds killed during hunting festival
23 April 2021

Some 200 wild animals killed in annual tribal hunting season in Bengal last month
21 April 2021

Chaitra Sankranti hunting festival poses big worry for administration and animal lovers
09 April 2021

Animals, birds hunted & cooked in open at West Midnapore fair
05 April 2021

Gangetic dolphin deaths in 2020
27 January 2021

Fluffy mane and dark lines: Chance encounter on road with striped hyena
07 January 2021

How we treat our birds : Bird Poaching in Borti Beel
17 Nov 2020

Biker saves turtle headed to plate
10 Nov 2020

Speeding vehicles biggest threat to West Bengal’s fishing cats
10 August 2020

Hunting Festivals of West Bengal — An Untold Story of Wildlife Massacre
03 August 2020

Dolphin carcass ‘hung’ for oil
30 July 2020

West Bengal: In a first, fishing cat spotted in Murshidabad, but dead
09 July 2020

Fishing cat ‘poisoned and killed’ in Howrah
27 June 2020

Lens on hunting after family of palm civets found dead
27 June 2020

Pelagic birds in West Bengal after Cyclone Amphan
18 June 2020

Fishing Cat trapped and killed for meat
11 June 2020

Fundraising for Sunderbans for Cyclone Amphan : a novel approach
10 June 2020

Bird rescues in Kolkata after Cyclone Amphan
2 June 2020

Big challenge for winged friends in Amphan aftermath
31 May 2020

From protective gear to community kitchen, help pours in for Sundarbans after Amphan
31 May 2020

Trade in dolphin oil and body parts in central West Bengal
22 May 2020

Injured birds rescued in the aftermath of Cyclone Amphan
22 May 2020

Man arrested for trading in oil extracted from dolphin carcass
17 May 2020

Grocery help for families in Sundarbans
16 May, 2020

Oil-for-fish bait kills Gangetic dolphins
16 May, 2020

Hunting festival in Bengal in lockdown time
31 March, 2020

Fishing cat killed by arrow, locals refuse to release body
04 Feb 2020

Villagers’ drive under lens after jumbo death
09 January 2020

Train drags jumbo calf to death
08 Jan 2020

TikTok fame craze lands duo in cop net
29 Nov, 2019

Snakebite death triggers therapy query
04 November 2019

Slow but steady, friends win turtle race in Calcutta
22 August 2019

Four arrested with five venomous snakes
24 October 2019

Efforts to stop ritualistic hunting bear fruit
7 June 2019

Cyclone Fani brings rare seabird into West Bengal for the first time
13 May 2019

Sea bird sighted in Hooghly back in sky
12 May, 2019

Hunt for the hunter
25 April 2019

High court orders administration to stop ritual hunting of wildlife
19 April 2019

Take steps to stop ritual hunting, says Calcutta high court
19 April 2019

Stop hunting animals, says High Court
19 April 2019

PIL in High Court against hunting festival
16 April 2019

HC seeks report on hunting fest
06 April 2019

Howrah elephants reach Purulia forest 32 hours after being darted
14 February 2019

Tribals asked to preserve Jangalmahal biodiversity
10 February 2019

Fishing cat: Researchers are trying to shed light on the little-known felines that swim for food
27 November 2018

The Fishing Cat: a feline fisher hunting by the night in wetlands
13 November 2018

Protected animals rescued from Puja
23 October 2018

6 held with civet cat carcasses in Bongaon
18 September 2018

India’s only wetland cat is under multiple threats
15 September 2018

A Tiger Without Enemies
13 September 2018

Tiger death report still to see action
29 June 2018

Ashwika’s wildlife call
6 June 2018

Illegal hunting: More arrests as citizens come forward to help foresters, RPF
16 May, 2018

Cal HC no to hunt fest between May 12-16
11 May 2018

Out in the Wild | A case of man versus the wild
11 May 2018

How the Lalgarh tiger died a thousand deaths
20 April 2018

Foresters ignored early warning about Lalgarh tiger death?
15 April 2018