Habitat Conservation

Protection of habitats is crucial if species are to be conserved in the long run. In fact, any long term conservation initiative must factor in ways of protecting the habitats of the target species. HEAL, therefore, aims to protect natural habitats in human dominated landscapes that are rich in wild flora and fauna and prevent them from being intruded upon by unplanned developmental activities.

Saving the Dankuni Wetlands

HEAL along with another NGO, PUBLIC, started West Bengal’s longest running environmental litigation to prevent the illegal and relentless encroachment of the largest remaining contiguous marshland in the lower Gangetic floodplains – Dankuni Wetlands. The final judgement recently passed in this matter, now guarantees protection to not just the Dankuni wetlands but to all the wetlands of West Bengal.

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Eliminating Makhana from Bilkurul Beel

The lucrative activity of Makhana cultivation is nothing short of a socio-ecological catastrophe. Yet it is being carried out illegally in Murshidabad district’s, Bilkurul Beel at the expense of its biodiversity and well-being of the wetland dependent fisher communities. HEAL has initiated a battle to eradicate this practice from the wetland to restore its health and safeguard the livelihood of fisher communities.

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