Species Protection

HEAL works with law enforcement agencies to facilitate implementation of wildlife protection laws, conducts rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals, undertakes surveys to study distribution of species and educates communities regarding the importance of preserving wildlife.

Ritual Hunting in South Bengal

One of HEAL’s major initiatives is the bringing an end to the large-scale killing of protected wildlife that happens every year, over several days, under the garb of tradition and culture. HEAL uses a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches to enforce wildlife protection and make communities to give up hunting.

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Protecting the Fishing Cat

In wetlands of the lower Gangetic floodplains in West Bengal, where this elusive wild felid has to confront a host of challenges, HEAL strives to preserve its populations through habitat protection, community education, threat mitigation, and conservation surveillance.

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Protecting the Ganges River Dolphin

HEAL has conducted awareness programs with stakeholders of different age groups to foster appreciation and empathy for the Ganges River Dolphin and using covert investigation, uncovered large-scale illegal trade of dolphin parts in central West Bengal which threatens the species’ population in the state.

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Striped Hyena Project in Purulia

HEAL launched the Striped Hyena Project in Purulia to facilitate human-hyena coexistence by using the perceptions and opinions of local communities to design effective intervention measures that will generate tolerance and appreciation towards Striped Hyena in the community.

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Safeguarding Migratory Birds in Central Bengal

Large-scale commercial poaching for meat threatens the survival of migratory birds in districts of Central Bengal. HEAL is actively using law enforcement, extensive field investigation and community participation to combat this destructive trade and ensure the feathered guests a safe journey back to their breeding grounds.

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