A culinary treasure sourced from the pristine rice lands
nestled along the banks of Asia’s largest brackishwater lagoon – Chilika wetlands

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Chilika’s rice lands aren’t just fields;
they’re vital ecosystems, providing seasonal sanctuary to the rare and elusive
Fishing Cat – a globally endangered wetland predator

Organically cultivated and traditionally harvested, Chilika Red Rice not only honors age-old farming practices but also sustains livelihoods of the lagoon’s marginalised local farmers

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Financial returns from selling red rice encourages local farmers to continue growing this health food

Wetland Preservation

Farmers engaged in rice cultivation are less likely to lease their land for destructive aquaculture – a serious threat to Chilika’s ecological integrity

Fishing Cat Conservation

Intact wetland, protected against harmful aquaculture, provides habitat to the endangered fishing cats of Chilika and supports their conservation

Chilika Red Rice is a seamless blend of
sustainability and nutrition

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This artwork links human health to nature conservation and is a boutique piece created by artist Sudarshan Shaw. He adopts the heritage art style of Patachitra to convey the importance of preservation of life.