Impact of an Image

22 June 2022

HEAL was invited for a session to speak on ‘Impact of an image’ on June 22, 2022, as part of a six-day photography and conservation training program for students conducted by Natural History Museum, London in collaboration with Victoria Memorial Hall and British Council. Team members Arka Sarkar and Meghna Banerjee gave a presentation on how photography can act as an effective conservation tool.

HEAL President Arka Sarkar
HEAL Executive Director Meghna Banerjee

Visuals generate a far greater emotional response than words. Since its inception, HEAL has used photography extensively to generate appreciation and concern for threatened species and their habitats, document ritualistic hunting to produce them as evidence in anti-hunting litigations and trigger response from decision makers.

The session was an excellent platform to share HEAL’s work and inspire young, enthusiastic students. They felt motivated to take pictures that could bring attention towards the unpleasant reality of biodiversity destruction and contribute to the cause of conservation rather than taking only aesthetically pleasing photographs.