Fishing Cats Across Kolkata City’s Digital Hoardings

February 2023

Fishing Cat February is a month-long awareness campaign observed worldwide to garner support and bolster conservation efforts for the globally endangered fishing cat.

As part of the global event, HEAL undertook multiple initiatives in collaboration with East Kolkata Wetland Management Authority (EKWMA), The Fishing Cat Project and People United for Better Living In Calcutta (PUBLIC).

In early February, a campaign was launched in partnership with Selvel One, which employed display of visuals on digital hoardings placed at prominent locations across the city. The visuals were in the form of an appeal to save the fishing cat and its habitat, wetlands.

The appeal targeted the urban populace of Kolkata and had a twofold objective a) to raise awareness of the fishing cat’s status as the State Animal (which often goes unrecognised), and b) to garner support for mitigating the threats faced by the species and its fast-depleting habitat.