Fishing Cat Awareness Drives in East Kolkata Wetlands

28 February & 3 March 2023

HEAL along with The Fishing Cat Project, East Kolkata Wetlands Management Authority and PUBLIC (People United for Better Living In Calcutta) organised multiple awareness campaigns during Fishing Cat February, a month-long global event to garner support and bolster conservation efforts for the globally endangered fishing cat.

HEAL distributed leaflets to people living in the vicinity of East Kolkata Wetlands as part of the awareness campaign

The campaigns had a twofold objective a) to increase public awareness of the fishing cat’s status as West Bengal’s State Animal and b) to garner support for mitigating the threats faced by the species and its fast-depleting wetland habitat.

To disseminate this message among the peri-urban populace of Kolkatans, two awareness drives were conducted in the vicinity of East Kolkata Wetlands. The first was held on 28 February and the second was organised on 03 March as part of World Wildlife Day celebrations. Public announcements were made via loudspeakers to raise awareness about fishing cats amongst villagers. Leaflets were also distributed containing relevant information on the fishing cat and contact details to report sightings, offences and accidents involving the species.