Post Amphan Bird Rescue

21 March – 28 March 2020

A Bridled Tern rescued in the days following Amphan

The massive loss of tree cover during cyclone Amphan caused thousands of birds to lose their homes. From the devastation seen after the storm, one can assume that a large number of fledglings of this season, did not survive the storm. Many pelagic birds were also blown inland by sheer force of the storm, and sadly could not make their way back to the ocean.

Amidst all the gloom HEAL attempted to do its bit to help the avian fauna affected by Amphan. Responding to numerous calls, Team HEAL rescued more than 80 distressed or injured birds in and around Kolkata over several days after the cyclone. They injured ones were handed over to Deer Park Rescue Center, West Bengal Forest Department for treatment and the ones which were found healthy were released.

Here is a coverage of our rescue work in ABP Ananda:

Here are some more images of some of the birds rescued by HEAL after the cyclone