Snake Identification and Snakebite Mitigation Program at Lepchaka Village

01 January 2024

Zonal Coordinator Ardhendu Banik explaining the do’s and don’ts of snakebite first-aid to the residents of Lepchaka

HEAL organized its first snake identification and snakebite mitigation program for the year on 01 January 2024, in Lepchaka village, within the Buxa Tiger Reserve. Ardhendu Banik, HEAL’s Zonal Coordinator in Cooch Behar and team members Subarna Nandi (Unbeatable Subarna), and Swadhapriya Basunia actively engaged with eager participants, providing information about the snakes of the Buxa Tiger Reserve and ways to coexist with them.

Throughout the program, villagers were equipped with the necessary knowledge to prevent adverse interactions and manage snake encounters effectively. The emphasis was on empowering the community with information on correct first aid for snakebites to ensure the prompt recovery of victims.

Notably, this marks HEAL’s third program in the Buxa Tiger Reserve. We remain committed to engaging with this reserve’s local communities and facilitating a harmonious cohabitation between them and their serpentine neighbours.