Presentation at Green Hub Central India Festival

15-16 July 2023

HEAL was invited to the Green Hub Central India Festival held at Bhopal on 15 and 16 July 2023. The event was a delightful confluence of music, art and culture where talented fellows from Green Hub’s Central India chapter highlighted various social and environmental issues through their moving documentaries.

Interposed between these films were engaging talks by various speakers. Among them, team member Vasudha Mishra gave an impactful presentation on HEAL’s experience of using litigation to end the senseless practice of ritual hunting in West Bengal.

She touched upon the significance of the Court-appointed Humane Committees (formed as a result of HEAL’s legal intervention) in preventing the annual massacre of protected wildlife and bringing about policy changes in the long-run that will positively impact wildlife conservation in West Bengal.

We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Green Hub for inviting heal to the event and providing an opportunity to share our work.

Team member Vasudha Mishra presenting HEAL’s work at the Green Hub Central India Festival