Collaborative Plastic Clean-up Drive in the Sundarbans

05 June 2023

HEAL kicked off its Participatory Conservation Program in the Sundarbans on 05 June 2023, World Environment Day. In keeping with this year’s theme, #BeatPlasticPollution, this month-long campaign will focus on reducing plastic waste generation through coaction with Sundarban’s local communities. As part of it, a collaborative clean-up drive was organised in Sundarban Tiger Reserve’s Bali Island area.

We started by picking up plastic waste littered on roadsides and in the mangrove thickets. As the word spread, several households came to us with huge quantities of plastic waste which would have either been burnt or thrown in the estuary, causing massive damage to the mangrove ecosystem and the ocean.

In no time, our team, together with the local community, managed to gather 100 kg of plastic waste. The collected plastic was handed over to Paving+ , a company that develops sustainable building materials such as paver blocks and floor tiles from unsegregated plastic waste.

In exchange for bringing in plastic waste, we distributed steel utensils which helped generate immense enthusiasm among the locals towards recycling plastic waste. Through sustained engagement over many such collaborative clean up drives, we hope to amplify this sentiment.

Your contributions have helped us take the first step in enabling communities in Sundarbans transition towards sustainable and environment-friendly waste disposal practices. Support us in keeping up the momentum and create a tangible difference in the lives of the Sundarban’s communities and its diverse ecosystem.